The Project


A unique real estate development, designed to bring country life closer to the city, with high standards of quality and services.


The development is located on the Ezeiza-Cañuelas Highway, guaranteeing direct and safe access to neighboring urban centers and the city of Buenos Aires.


Amenities for the whole family, all utilities, large green spaces, lush groves and water mirrors,
combined with the experience of the Polo Club & Polo Resort, offer a simple but extraordinary lifestyle.



The masterplan was designed by the architect Ricardo Cavanagh with the the objective of creating a countryside atmosphere through constant interaction with nature, in a setting of tranquility and privacy, with a focus on outdoor activities and equestrian sports.


El Metejón is a 110-hectare Gated Community containing 370 plots of 840 to 3,700 m2, all facing polo fields, lakes, green spaces or the stream. Its zigzagging streets offer visuals and landscapes with constantly renewed perspectives that allow you to discover the private community step by step.
The layout of the plots has been designed in such a way that, in the vast majority, they don’t have neighbors at the back, which guarantees open views.


Almost 50% of the project is destined to green spaces with imposing native, leafy and mature groves.



The main idea of the landscape design was to preserve the rural character that predominates the area, combining native species with other typical species from the Argentine Pampa.


The main areas were sought to be hierarchized with large species and colorful foliage that give each sector an elegant, striking and distinctive identity.


The roundabouts and open spaces of the project were treated with two unique native species, seeking character and unity. These species are Phytolacca Dioica (Ombú) and Schinus Molle (Aguaribay).
In places of great attraction, such as the roads near the water, an English-type landscape was projected, where the natural aspect prevails over the rational one, using swamp-type and native species for this.


The pony lines were created with American Faxinus (Ash), with its rapid growth, its foliage and the dense shade it casts, it makes a functionally suitable species.


The streets are made of crushed shell as well as all the circulation routes of the project, thus achieving a homogeneous sense and a country aspect.




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