The Developer


The developer of the project is the Dutch “van Andel” family, who came to Argentina many years ago attracted
by their two passions, polo and the development of real estate projects. Led by Harry van Andel, they designed El Metejón to make it into the place of their dreams and that of many families.


Harry studied law and economics at VU University in Amsterdam and obtained an MBA from Harvard University.
His professional career began in 1971 as Director of the Kluwer Group, the leading Dutch publishing company, and in 1976 he devoted himself independently to Consulting jobs. It is in 1984 that he became interested in the real estate business and became one of the main shareholders of Landinvest, an Amsterdam-based real estate development company. At the same time, he leads Hillgate, an investment company for the development of real estate projects in the Netherlands and abroad.
He was chairman of the board of the Lithium Technology Corporation (LTC) and since 1993 has been director and CEO of Arch Hill Capital, a company focused on venture capital and private equity.


In 2015 the family delegates the management of El Metejón to their daughter, Fleur van Andel.
Fleur studied economics at the University of Amsterdam and has a master in marketing.
She created and led the company Polo Republic, responsible for the organization of the most important polo events in the Netherlands, and was Marketing Manager at KPN, the leading Dutch telephone and internet company. After moving to Argentina and having worked at El Metejon for three years, she became Director of the company, managing the real estate, hotel and polo club.


Fleur is married to Luis Duggan (n), from an Argentine family with a long tradition in polo.
He is the grandson of Luis Duggan, the fourth Argentine player in history to reach a handicap of 10 goals and an Olympic medalist. Luis (n) has traveled around the world as a polo professional
and has held different positions in the historic El Trebol Polo Club, founded by his grandfather in Capitan Sarmiento, where he obtained the experience of managing a club.
Since 2012 he is in charge of the El Metejon Polo Club and all the facilities in the gated community.


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